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Bible Lighthouse

We carry the light of the world. So let's share it.

The world needs the hope that you carry now more than ever before. We're gathering and training as many people as we can to send them out to preach the Gospel.

God is moving through the nations, and it's time to join Him on the biggest adventure of our generation. Sign up for your Discipleship Training School today and become part of the biggest wave of missionaries this world has ever seen.

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3 Month Lecture Phase

Bible Studying Writing
Welcome to an international community of young people, choosing to live in radical obedience to Jesus Christ. On DTS, you'll attend daily classes on topics such as The Character and Nature of God, Jesus and the Cross, Relationships, and Evangelism. Our live-learn environment gives way to you being able to encounter God in a way that'll leave you permanently transformed.
You'll be encouraged to pursue God with all of your heart. You'll also attend times of worship, engage in local ministry, enjoy some late night tacos, and maybe even learn how to surf. We do all this and more within a tight-knit community full of joy, laughter, and reverence for God. You'll learn to know the joy of knowing God and making him known.

3 Month Outreach Phase

Part two: The good stuff. Transformed, healed, and following God’s direction in your life, it’s time to go out; It’s time to travel to places you’ve never imagined you would step foot in, and carry the love of Jesus to those you find. Jungles, cities, refugee camps, mountain villages, isolated islands, you name it. We have a calling to go. Outreach pushes you out of your comfort zone, and challenges you to love the broken, lost, and hurting. Discover your gifts and talents, and make an impact, from making someone smile, to changing someone’s life forever.

This Is What Your Next Adventure Could Look Like!

Your life in missions starts now!


Hear what others are experiencing!

“Being here I am growing in relationship with the Lord in amazing ways, and He’s showing me His love as a father as well as a King, and I’m also finding my identity in Christ, which is a much richer identity then I could have hoped to find anywhere else."


Gideon, USA, DTS graduate

“I have absolutely no regret about coming to do a DTS, God is starting to reveal Himself to me and it’s way cooler than any university degree could have been. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I know that if I am living in God's will it's gonna be awesome!"


Hannah, Australia, DTS graduate

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